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The first post

There is no particular reason for me to start this blog. The standard inability to stay quiet, self expression and developing writing skills in Lithuanian and English, hoping that all these selfish goals will be of use for those who read my blog occasionally.

Though I am quite sarcastic and cynical I will try to fill this blog with positive flow and share some interesting findings from my professional and personal life. Have questions? Just drop me a line and I will answer.

So, starting with positive. I love filming and making videos. I am total beginner at this. I don’t have a proper camera nor even a proper software. I don’t even own and Apple! But I love doing it and so I want to share my first film with you.

It is my cover on annual unusual sports event that takes place in small Lithuanian village Paluse every summer.  Figuriada (Figure Olympics) is a contest of the most original, funniest and extraordinary jumps into the lake.

Figuriada consists of three competitions, that are rated by very competent jury:

1. Compulsory jumps: the bomb, deadman, total analphabet and scissors
2. Homework, prepared by contestants
3. Improvisation

The atmosphere of the event is inspired by professional band and traditional drinks. Best jumpers receive prestigious awards and competition is followed by wild party, which of course, is not covered in the film.

This year Figuriada was attended by two foreign teams – Belarus and France. It is expected that it will become a global phenomena in the world and will bring more fame and glory to our country than basketball does :) . Enjoy.