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Social media is ruled by images

My clients are often asking me – what should we post to Facebook? I found this short and informative article and decided to share. The answer is images, images again and video. Users are most responsive to images and videos and the thing they are least interested are the links to text. So share what you usually share with your friends – capture interesting moments from your office life, show them new products and maybe even what you and your colleagues enjoy doing together after work. You don’t have to be a professional photographer in order to generate quality content everyday. All you need is a smartphone and Instagram. Read more in article on Inc.

Looking for a job? Be creative!

I am not looking for a job at the moment, but I gave a self-promotion advice to a friend of mine and so it inspired me to write this post. I don’t know why, but most people keep sending standard CV’s and boring motivation letters while looking for their dream job. So, I have good news – you have a good chance to stand out of the crowd!

Just turn to the creative side of you. Do you think only designers, advertisers and PR people need that? You are wrong! By being different you show that you are creative and creativity is what employers value these days in any field. Besides, this is the way to show that you try harder, that you want this job. You will stand out and will be remembered. Let’s read!

5 reasons why I prefer Google+

1.  There are less people and they are more interesting.

2.  People don’t post pictures of their meal.

3.  There are no kids. Since my 12 year old niece added me as a friend I have censor my posts

4.  My profile is not spammed with photos of strangers who are not capable to manage their privacy settings.

5.  No weddings, no babtising, no first porridge nor first poo on a pot.

My own radio station for 3 USD/month

There are moments when I let myself dream about things that I would love to do in life. One of them is my own radio station. I imagine a small dark room stuffed with CD’s, LP’s, PC’s, different “aisers” and microphones. I guess this dream origins from a belief that the masses should admire the same music as I do. Can you imagine a better job? You sit in your own studio playing your favourite records all day! You keep looking for new, nice tunes, you discover and share it with your audience.

I keep thinking that MY radio station would be better than all the rest existing in Lithuania just because all stations play better and worse, but my station would only play what’s cool. In other words – the music I like :) Let’s read!

Six steps to a social media strategy

Very useful presentation for those trying to work out their social media strategy. The last slides, threatening that it’s all very complicated and you won’t be able to make it without consultans, are a bit annoying, but still you will find some good tips in here.