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About me

Goda Balta (Goda the White) is my school nick name that was given to me by teachers to distinguish me from other Goda, the Black one.

My real name is Goda Smilingyte.

I’ve been working in communication for more than ten years now: in private and public sectors, implemented advertising campaigns for agency’s clients and the companies I have worked for. My career was very interesting and definitely not boring.

I became interested in marketing and PR while studying for Bachelor’s in international business management at Vilnius university, thanks to wonderful professors. I continued studying for Masters, but this time I chose sociology and finished a course of Information Society Studies at the Faculty of Philosophy. This course contributed a lot to my profession as I learned how modern technologies change our values, behaviour and society in general. I discovered philosophy, sociology and psychology and am still very interested in these disciplines.

I was free-lancing for a couple of years as a marketing and web projects manager, copywriter, translator and event organiser.

All my time that is left from work is dedicated to sports and music. I play piano, sing and am trying to attend every good concert in town. I love writing, working with photo and video so I have one more blog about Greece, where I share my travel experiences. Lap racing and gym are an important part of my life too.

If a day had 34 hours and week consisted of 10 days I would read more, make more photographs and start painting.

A few (un)important facts:

  • Languages: Lithuanian, English, Russian.
  • Literacy: Html, WordPress, Joomla, Google, Analytics, HootSuite, Adobe Photoshop, Lightroom, Mycrosoft Dynamics.
  • Favorite writer: Kurt Vonnegut.
  • Sport:  fitness, skiing, SUP’ing, skating, cycling, you name it :)