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How blondie started managing the race team

Those who saw films made by Tauras will not be surprised that our acquaintance started from the video too. He filmed and made four short films for the Subaru General Financing rally team that I was cooperating with at the moment. I asked him to video cover a few events later and one day I received a Facebook message. It was something like that: “Hi, I want to race, wanna be my manager?”

It is still a mystery for me why he has chosen me out of all his Facebook friends. I did not know much about racing, I knew several people just as he did and my knowledge about cars did not differ from what every NORMAL woman knows about it. For example, turn up the volume if your car starts making strange noises, or, if you use “Fairy” instead of the glass cleaning liquid – it will foam hard :D Well ok, I knew how to check the oil level, when to run a break check and how to identify whether there is a hole in your muffler that needs to be fixed. So, that is me about to help this young man to get back into racing… a very expensive sport….

We have created an action plan and hit the road in search for potential sponsors. It was a long road, but something kept us going (in fact it was restless Tauras). We managed to find a company that trusted us – ZOOMBOOK, photobook professionals, sponsored his participation in number one Lithuanian racing event – Fast Lap. The driver disappeared in the garage together with his crazy-about-cars friends, I established the NGO Tauras Racing and was working on public relations. Here is a perfect example of what several obsessed young men can do with a Mazda Miata MX5 only in few moths time. Enjoy the „before and after“.


The season

Spring was crazy as well as the summer. We launched the ZOOMBOOK team and presented the car to the public in two car shows (Vilnius and Kaunas). Then four racing stages followed: Kaunas (Lithuania), Parnu (Estonia), Ryga (Latvia) and Kaunas again. It was the first racing season for both – the driver and the car. The car found it more difficult and surprised us quite often. However, the last race was very successful – Tauras was the third. Euphoria after all problems and disappointments! Watch this short video and feel what it was like to race at “Fast Lap”.


PR results

We achieved great publicity for our sponsors and here is a short summary:
1. 2 appearances in TV shows
2. 41 articles in different media mentioned the team or publicised the car photo
3. Our pictures were posted in 25 Facebook pages and reached about 45 thousand people
4. 15 Youtube videos with 55 thousand views.

The last word and what’s next

People keep asking me – what are the plans? Well we have quite a lot of ideas, but everything is related to money, so it is difficult to say what will be the final plan for 2014. We will be looking for sponsors again and only then will be able to announce what we are up to.
I also think that a lot of people were wondering why am I doing this? So here is my answer:
• I had a very interesting summer;
• Met a lot of cool people and made new friends;
• Repairing a car for whatever reason does not seem a big deal to me anymore;
• I found out what does turbine do and learned to assist bleeding the breaks.

Just as the Marilyn Monroe said: “I don’t mind living in a man’s world, as long as I can be a woman in it.”

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