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Fear of mistakes kills our creativity

I don’t remember where I caught this phrase. I would like to think I made it up myself, but, unfortunately, I guess I borrowed it from a smart guy. The fear of mistake is very common for people living in the territory of Lithuania and, I am sure, to all habitants of former U.S.S.R. , despite possible Polish, Russian, Jewish or other mixture of their blood. We fear a lot. What if I fail? What would others think and say? If I fail I will be a looser. If I do something, I might loose money or, it’s even worse, when we think that we won’t earn anything. Eastern Europeans don’t do things they are not paid for. Such jobs are meant for artists and loosers. So we get stuck in our “home-work-home” routine and share our miseries in a circle of friends on the weekend: somehow life is not exactly what we wanted it to be. It’s all because we are scared to make a mistake. We are not scared of ourselves – we are scared of others.

There is a lot we can learn from little children. They are not scared at all. It took me two years to learn to continue playing piano instead of throwing my hands away as if I was holding a hot iron when I make a mistake. Training gave the results for a starting piano student in her thirties, I hope it becomes useful in life too.

Here are two versions of a short piano piece. The first one is correct, played according to the music sheet, however, I made a mistake playing it  second time. I did not stop and I think the second one is much more interesting :) .



Iš kur atsiranda baimė suklysti?
Vaikai jos neturi, bet ji kažkada atsiranda?
Taip, ją išaugina, išugdo tėvai ir … mokykla. Ko moko mokykloje? Duoti TEISINGUS atsakymus? :)

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